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our Project ... your Beer(s)!

our Project ... your Beer(s)!

Into the world of specialty beer

All over the world, specialty beer is increasingly being consumed. Beginning in the early 2000s, the popularity of specialty beer is exploding. Not entirely coincidentally around the same time people are becoming more conscious about their food and drink.

An ordinary “beer” or “lager” is no longer exciting enough. Consumers are insatiable when it comes to new flavors and trends. They want to be surprised by something new every time. Because beer is an indulgent product, that effect is compounded.

Small breweries especially benefit from the rising popularity of specialty beer. Whereas in 2005 there were only 91 breweries, by 2022 the number will be 933 (a 90% increase). The fact that consumers can drink new, special-flavored beer every season is largely due to small breweries. These focus primarily on flavor innovation rather than technological advancement or economies of scale.

Our ambition

We ourselves, Alexander and Arjan, came in contact with specialty beer about 3 years ago. And especially the specialty beer that is not in the supermarket. Through a small-scale liquor store, we drank our first barley wines, stouts and IPAs.

We believe that more “beer drinkers” and connoisseurs of specialty beers should have access to all the flavorful beers from around the world. From the United States, Brazil, Ireland, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. Every small brewer who brings taste sensations to the market, we want to connect with every enthusiast, everywhere in the world, at every door.


“Providing beer lovers everywhere with the most unique and flavorful specialty beers brewed by small breweries.”

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