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How many different types of beer are there?

The development of beer types is so rapid that the question of how many beer types there are will be obsolete tomorrow. There is no uniform list of descriptions of all beer types and styles worldwide. Judging beer types is mostly done through proprietary descriptions by a host of different organizations. There is some kind of guideline that typifies about 35 different main categories. Important main categories include IPA, Sour, Porter,Stout and Barley wines. As beer ingredients are increasingly experimented with, different beer styles are emerging.


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Beer Styles

With an IPA, through evolution in beer style, beer types have emerged such as a Double IPA, a New England IPA and even a Quadruple IPA. These beer styles differ in taste but are recognizable in a certain category. A nice metaphor, is that of different types of cars. So there is a Volkswagen (VW) with all kinds of different power ratings, colors, sizes and options . It works the same way with beer. IPAs have differences in bitterness, alcohol and fruit is sometimes added. Thus, hundreds of different beer styles can be described.

Two, three or even more beer styles

Small breweries, also called microbreweries or craft breweries, often brew beer in very limited quantities. These brewers, brew many new beers worldwide that are often based on two or sometimes three or even more beer styles. As a result, numerous new beer styles are emerging.

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