The best dishes to pair with IPA beer

As a fan of IPA beer, you probably already know that this type of beer has a very distinct flavor. The flavor profiles of IPA range from fruity to resinous to spicy. To pair these flavors well with food, there are a number of dishes that go particularly well with this beer. In this article, we will discuss the best dishes you can pair with IPA beer.

IPA beer is one of the most popular beers in the Netherlands and around the world. It is a beer known for its hoppy flavor and aroma, as well as its robust alcohol content. Many people love the fact that IPA beer is so full of flavor, but it can be a challenge to find the right dish to pair with it.

Why combine IPA beer with food?

IPA beer is so full of flavor that it can overwhelm when consumed on its own. But if you combine it with the right foods, it can enhance the flavors in each other. The right combination can also help reduce the beer’s bitterness and make it more balanced.

IPA beer and appetizers

IPA beer goes well with entrees with spicy flavors. Dishes such as buffalo wings, shrimp croquettes, jalapeño poppers and spring rolls are all good choices. The spicy character of the IPA goes well with the spicy flavor of these dishes.

IPA beer and main courses

When it comes to main courses, IPA beer goes well with food that has been grilled or smoked. Grilled sausages, burgers and spare ribs are all great options. The smoky flavors of these dishes go well with the hoppy flavors of IPA beer. For vegetarians and vegans, grilled tofu or portobello is a good option.

IPA beer and cheese

IPA beer also goes well with cheese. The beer’s hoppy flavor pairs well with spicy and savory cheeses such as cheddar, gouda and blue cheese. A cheese board with these cheeses and a couple of IPA beers is a great way to enjoy this combination.

IPA beer and desserts

It may be surprising, but IPA beer also goes well with desserts. Dishes such as apple pie, lemon cake and cheesecake go well with IPA beer. The fruity character of the IPA pairs well with the sweet flavors of these desserts.

IPA beer and BBQ

IPA beer is a good choice for BBQs. Grilled meats, burgers and sausages are good options. But grilled vegetables such as bell bell pepper, zucchini and eggplant also go well with the taste of IPA beer.

IPA beer and Asian food

Asian dishes such as curries, pad thai and sushi are also good options to pair with IPA beer. The hoppy flavors of the beer go well with the spicy and savory flavors of these dishes. For example, try pairing an IPA beer with a spicy green curry or a sushi roll with tuna.

IPA beer and fries

IPA beer is also a great pairing with fries. The spicy character of the beer goes well with the salty taste of the fries. You can also use IPA beer to dip fries instead of traditional sauces.

IPA beer and cheese fondue

Cheese fondue is a perfect pairing with IPA beer. The creamy and savory character of the cheese fondue pairs well with the hoppy flavors of the beer. For example, try pairing an IPA beer with a cheese fondue of Gruyère, Emmentaler and Comté.

IPA beer and chocolate

IPA beer and chocolate may not be the most obvious combination, but it can work surprisingly well. The fruity character of IPA beer pairs well with the rich flavor of chocolate. For example, try pairing an IPA beer with a piece of dark chocolate containing 70% cocoa.


IPA beer is a delicious beer that pairs well with a variety of foods. Whether you like grilled meat, cheese fondue, Asian food or chocolate, there is always a combination that works well. Experiment with different dishes and beers to discover which combinations work best for your taste buds.


  1. Which IPA beer should I choose to pair with food? Choose an IPA beer that matches the flavors of the dish. For example, if the dish is spicy, choose an IPA with a fruity character.
  2. Should I serve the IPA beer cold with dinner? Yes, it is best to serve IPA beer chilled with food.
  3. Can you pair IPA beer with vegetarian dishes? Yes, there are many vegetarian dishes that pair well with IPA beer, such as grilled tofu and portobello.
  4. Which cheese goes best with IPA beer? Spicy and savory cheeses such as cheddar, gouda and blue cheese go well with IPA beer.
  5. Can you pair IPA beer with desserts? Yes, there are many desserts that pair well with IPA beer, such as apple pie and cheesecake.


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