Everything you need to know about Stout beers

What is a Stout beer?

Stout is a beer distinguished by its deep, almost black color and its rich, complex flavor with notes of roasted dark malt that often impart notes of caramel, chocolate, coffee, and dried fruit. Stouts can come in different strengths, colors and flavors, but it still remains a historically relevant beverage that is a must-have for many beer lovers. A well-known Dutch Brewer who markets well-known Stouts is . the Moersleutel. They brew with beer styles such as Coffee Stouts, Imperial Double Stouts and Russian Imperial Stouts.

The evolution of Stouts

Stouts have a long history. The first documented mention dates to 1677, in a manuscript now housed in the British Museum. The term was used there to describe a particularly strong beer.By the 18th century, dark beers, called porters, became very popular. Brewers are experimenting with porters of different strengths. The strongest of these, containing about 7 or 8 percent alcohol, were known as stout porters. A new beer style was born. However, the term “stout” did not become commonly used until much later. Even the most recognizable stout, Guinness, began its life as a porter. So the histories of stout and porter are closely intertwined. And today, stout is used to describe beers that are dark in color.

The different styles of Stouts

Barrel Aged Stout

After the brewing process is complete, some stouts are transferred to oak barrels for aging. This process adds more flavors to the final beer, including notes of oak, plus the flavors of the spirits previously stored in the barrels. Barrel-aged stouts aged in bourbon barrels are known as bourbon barrel-aged stouts.

Oatmeal Stout

One of the original stout styles, this strain uses the addition of oats, which gives the brew a silky texture and creamy mouthfeel.

Coffee Stout

Stouts can exhibit coffee aromas due to the presence of dark roasted malts. Some breweries add liquid coffee or age the stout with coffee beans to give an extra punch in flavor of coffee or espresso.

Breakfast Stout

This special brew often contains oatmeal and coffee, which makes for a rich and hearty drink.

Chocolate Stout

As with coffee stouts, chocolate and mocha flavors are subtly present in many stouts. A more recent innovation is adding chocolate or cocoa nibs to the brew, often dark chocolate. Some brewers supplement the chocolate with vanilla pods, deepening the sweetness and bitterness of the beer.

Imperial Stout

The term “Imperial” traditionally refers to a beer with a high alcohol content, usually more than nine percent. Imperial stouts are often called Russian imperial stouts, indicating their history of being shipped to the court of Catherine II of Russia. These beers are heavy and match their “booziness” with an intense flavor profile.

Milk Stout

Milk stout gets its name from the addition of lactose, a sugar found in milk. The beer yeasts are unable to consume this sugar, so the flavor is retained in the final brew, giving an underlying sweetness to the drinking experience.

Pastry Stout

Some brewers add more sweetness to the brew with flavors such as marshmallow, licorice, graham cracker and peanut butter to create an intensely flavorful experience.

What is the typical ABV in a Stout?

The ABV in Stouts ranges from 4 to 32 percent.

Where do you store a Stout?

7 to 12 degrees. So in your refrigerator (or basement if the temperature is right)

Porters and stouts have a balanced flavor profile that blends the bitterness of hops with the sweetness of malt. These brown beers also tend to have a higher ABV, which means you can store and serve them at higher temperatures than, say, an IPA – but they should be well below room temperature.

What does a Stout taste like?

The taste of a stout is a balance between the sweetness of roasted malt and the bitterness of the hops. The dark malts often have notes of caramel, chocolate, coffee and dried fruit. The best stouts have a velvety mouthfeel and can range from heavy and filling to light and refreshing, depending on the ingredients.

Stout beers and food

Beers support and enhance the flavors of food. A Stout goes well with a wide range of dishes, especially meats. A chocolate stout is delicious with dessert. Try imperial stout with strong cheeses or dark chocolate.


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